About us

Atomic Balance inside out

In a society cultured for instant gratification, social media appearances and whatnot, every trick that can undermine the real value of effort, consistency and starting small, Mindful Bodies is launching its first ready to wear clothing line, Atomic Balance, to counteract precisely that.   Inspired by the belief that something microscopic is the building block of greater matter, hence its name Atomic. This collection aspires to honor that each of us is a fundamental unit of a larger system, and a significant  source of energy and power.

Just like an oak tree can grow from an acorn, balance is a sine qua non for a sustainable healthy existence.  However, more than often,  life accelerates to speeds it’s hard to catch up with, leaving sought after balance out of the equation and diminishing the accomplishments of every day small battles.  To acknowledge the need for it and to cultivate it in our daily lives with kindness, commitment and patience  to ourselves is what this collection is all about.

Non pretentious and to the core, each garment in this collection has been designed to make you feel and look comfortable in style, unapologetically accepting your body, with gratitude and grace. Designed by Mindful Bodies founder, Tanya Lehman, made in CA and Colombia with top quality fabrics, and backed by a team of hard core women, this collection aims to include and recognize every user as an ambassador of atomic balance; start small and create something powerful for you and those around you. They have also created an “oxygen program” to help grow the collection with an unique reward system for those who wish to promote Atomic Balance among their friends. Your typical host pop up event, with benefits that include cash and zero purchases or commitments.  A disruptive initiative to grow their community with nothing to risk and much to win for their ambassadors.  

The story behind each piece has been consciously crafted to nurture effortless balance for mindful living.  For example, the Abundant Hoodie  in lightweight french terry reminds us what you carry on the outside, you nourish from within, or the New Begginings Tee, made of  100% cotton, versatile enough to layer on top of your workout gear or spice it up with jeans and accesories for an outfit of the day.  It has a ripped edge on one side intentionally designed to acknowledge where you are at. Whether you are conscious of a fresh start in white, or pulling yourself up from a black moment, defeats and triumphs are the “tear” edges that push the need for balance.   Even the fabric hues  have been custom pigmented, creating an elegant simplicity. Colors such as abundant green,  intuitive navy or mindful taupe are timeless, yet easy to adjust to each style and personality.  Other essential colors such as black and white, were renamed with their positive attribute to power black and energy white, respectively.

Details are a vital part of Atomic Balance, thus the creation of the collection manifesto
composed of the following key messages:

We aspire to elevate your vibration

We vibrate in light  

We are a community

We live in the moment

If you are a woman and vibrate with  balance, abundance and gratitude this collection is for you.  Whether your life is a complete chaos or you have it all figured out, Atomic Balance is about your powerful heart, is about you being an essential part of something greater, radiating your unique beauty; imperfectly and balanced.

Balance isn’t something you find, it’s something you create

Jana Kingsford